Monday, 30 April 2012

Real Madrid Adidas World Record Shirt Deal

Real Madrid are close to signing a new shirt manufacturing deal worth 320 million Euros (260 million Pounds) over 8 years (40 million Euros a year). This would break the record of sponsorship and is to help the club finically. The current deal currently gives the club 35 million a year so the new deal would bring in enough money to pay little under half of Ronaldo's wages (based on last year). The deal will run until 2020 and will once again break the record of the Barcelona Nike shirt manufacturing deal by 10 million Euros a year.

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Falkirk 2012-2013 Home and Away shirts

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Middlesborough 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

Sorry for watermarked images. Will find unwatermarked asap

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Ajax Amsterdam 2012-2013 Away Kit

Shirt was first worn against FC Twente on the 29th April

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brentford 2012-2013 Home and Away Shirt Design

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Sheffield United 2012-2013 Home Kit

Manufactured by Macron, the shirt was first worn for the 2-2 draw with Stevenage. As traditional as the shirt is the shorts have the Macron logo running down the side making a fans a bit unhappy with the kit.

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Swindon Town 2012-2013 Home Away and GK Kits

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Carlisle United 2012 - 2013 Home and GK kit

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Hoffenheim 2012-2013 Home Shirt

Sorry for poor quality will be changed asap

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Crystal Palace 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

Palace's new home shirt has been labelled as "bespoke and unique to the club" with detail such as the "South London Pride" banner on the back of the shirt at the very bottom and Established 1905 on the front.

The reason the shirt doesn't have a kit manufacture logo is because after long negotiations with Nike, Jon Rolls, a life long Palace fan, contacted Puma and all other major manufactures to make this special kit. All of them declined to make a bespoke and unique kit for the club. After contacting JSPL (Place's Club Shop Owners) they agreed to make it themselves and thus leading to no manufacture logo being present on the shirt. It was designed to be for the fans by the fans leading to the extra pieces on the shirt previously mentioned. 

Images printed in Palace V Cardiff programme.

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Leeds 2012-2013 Home Shirt

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Bayern Munich 2012-2013 Away Shirt

The shirt will be worn when FCB take on Stuttgart this weekend and officially unveiled on April 27, 2012.

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Tamworth 2012-2013 Home Shirt

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Everton 2012-2013 Home Shirt

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Reggina One Off Shirt Special

For a one off special for a recent 'Reggio di Calabria' derby game against Crotone, Reggina hoped that looking like an Ancient Greek statue would help scare their opponents with the fear of the gods replicated into their shirts. The red version is the goalkeeper kit.
The shirts did give them smiting powers for the match, but unfortunately FIFA officials don't take kindly to those acts and Reggina had two men sent off and the game ended in a 1-1 bore draw.

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Lyon's 3D 2012-2013 Third Shirt

Yes you read that right 3D shirt. Heres more details:
Someone at Adidas was desperate for an idea when an ad for Titanic 3D came on and so we have this: The world's first football shirt with a 3D design.
Lyon will be the club wearing it, but only people wearing 3D glasses will see the full effect of the shirt's design. This is either an elaborate ploy to get Lyon's opponents to wear disorienting 3D glasses or a very accommodating gesture to the one Lyon fan who wears 3D glasses and a colander on his head everywhere he goes so Carla Bruni can't extract his thoughts.
And if you don't have 3D glasses? Well, I doubt you'll be too upset that you can't see that little doodad across the front of their shirt pop out at you.

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Bristol Rovers 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

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Cowdenbeath 2012-2013 Home Shirt

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hamburg 2012-2013 Home Kit

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Celtic 2012-2013 125th Anniversary Home Kit

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Rangers 2012-2013 Home Kit

Rangers legend Sandy Jardine and young star Rhys McCabe have unveiled the new home kit for Season 2012/13 which is available here. The new kit celebrates the 1972 Cup Winners' Cup Final victory and Rangers' 140th anniversary.

May 24, 1972 - almost 100 years to the day the Club was founded - was a hot, tense night in Barcelona when the Rangers spirit conquered Europe with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Moscow Dynamo at the Nou Camp.

Forty years later the Rangers spirit lives on and the Club has launched a commemorative home top that will certainly capture the imagination of supporters worldwide.
The top pays homage to the shirt worn four decades ago by legends like John Greig, Sandy Jardine, Colin Stein, Willie Johnston and Derek Johnstone. And it brings back the distinctive red and white socks Rangers wore during that incredible European adventure.

Main club sponsor Tennent's Lager has kindly agreed to change its branding on the home shirt to help mark these significant anniversaries in Rangers' history. The Tennent's logo will now appear below the Club crest on the left breast of the shirt rather than across the chest as in previous seasons.

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Bayern Leverkusen 2012-2013 Home Shirt

Will find better and bigger image as soon as possible

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Schalke 2012-2013 Home Kit

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Leicester City Puma Deal

Leicester City Football Club and Puma announced a new partnership that will see the two working together from June 2012.

The collaboration, which will run for three years, will see PUMA become the Foxes' Official Sportswear & Technical Kit Sponsor, supplying team kit, replica kit and training wear, starting with the 2012/13 season.

Leicester City joins the likes of Newcastle United and newly-promoted Reading among PUMA's UK-based partners.The Foxes' brand new 2012/13 kits, the first to be designed under the new partnership, will be revealed during the summer months.

Leicester City Chief Executive Officer Susan Whelan said: "It is with great pride that we announce our fantastic new partnership with PUMA, whose reputation as an industry leader strengthens every item bearing their world-famous brand.

"Worn with pride by players and supporters alike, our first team kits are one of the biggest parts of our identity as a Football Club, so to have a renowned partner like PUMA alongside us in their development is a hugely exciting prospect.

"This news will generate a lot of anticipation among our supporters, who can look forward to seeing an excellent PUMA range in the City Fanstore from the end of July."
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Juventus Home 2012-2013 Shirt (UPDATE)

This is the new Juventus shirt with new sponsor logo.
There is another post (HERE) that has another shirt but after the information of the new sponsor deal with Fiat, as well as the other image looking a bit fake, revamped images have been appearing leading to this image to be the most likely shirt.

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Rochdale 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

Available to order now at Rochdales Online Store

Thanks to @SirMatt68 for going us the heads up

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Cambridge United 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

Will replace with larger image when possible

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Borussia Monchengladbach 2012-2013 Home Shirt

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

St Mirren 135 Year Anniversary Home Shirt Ad

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Wolfsburg 2012-2013 Home Shirt

The boy in the middle of both of these pictures is the 14 year old boy who won a voting competition to design the shirt. 706 participated making 1308 different shirt designs leading to this to voted the favourite with 34% of the vote.

The above image is the original shirt design and the below image is the shirt that will be worn next season.

Pretty similar and not bad. Sorry for small images. Wolfsburg are trying to keep it hush for a big release on the 26th so this is the best we got Im afraid. Will change it when the shirt is officially unveiled.

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Minnesota Stars 2012-2013 Home and Away Kits

Cool little feature with the away (Grey) shirt is the number. The numbers on the back uses photographs from a image of a crowd. Each number has a different image of the crowd making each number look completely different.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012